martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

Mr. Criminal -Sounds Of tha Varrio 2006 Chicano Rap

Tha Mixtape Vol 1

Track List

1. The only lyrical assasin
2. American me
3. I could make em bounce
4. Scarface
5. Just cant see us ft. mr. silent and stomper soldier ink
6. 187 on wack ass rappers
7. Stay ready 2 ride 213 soldiers
8. Shout out 2 the hi power fans skit
9. Southeast 2 westside ft. stomper soldier ink
10. Cant fuck with us
11. We sick you aint ft. lil sicko
12. Smoken and token
13. I wasnt fooling around
14. Hit em where it hurts
15. The hit studio gangster diss
16. Were in the streets ft. 40 glock g-unit and mr. silent
17. Gangsters need some loving too
18. We like 2 ride southeast side ft. lil sic bozo and stomper
19. We got the guns and drugs ft. mr. capone-e
20. Outro


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