martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Soul Assasins -The Intermission- 2009 Chicano Rap

Track List

01. Gangsta Shit feat. Bun B and M1
02. Classical feat. Sick Jacken and Evidence
03. Gunshots feat. Chace Infinite and Alchemist
04. Do It feat. La Coka Nostra
05. Rep Yo Shit feat. P.C.P. aka Slick Jacken and Necro
06. Good Evening Los Angeles feat. Self Scientific
07. Meet Your Maker feat. Reef The Lost Cause and Outer Space
08. Intermission feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia and B-Real
09. Champions (Remix) feat. Prodigy and Big Twin
10. Let Go (My Life) feat. Fashawn
11. Like That Y'all feat. Planet Asia
12. World We're In feat. Cynic
13. Call It Like I See It feat. Chace Infinite and Krondon
14. Matchbox feat. Dust
15. Figure it Out feat. Young De, Xzibit and Mykestro


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