domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Ese Menace -Exposing Studio Gangsters- 2010 Chicano Rap

01.Intro (00:56)
02.Calle Warfare Feat. Samantha Latino (03:44)
03.Sur Gangster Vatos Feat. Capone-E (03:48)
04.Exposing Studio Gangsters (04:20)
05.Fuck Around and Get Killed Feat. Triggerman (03:37)
06.Southern Califas Feat. Ms Lady Pinks (03:54)
07.Fuck Snitches (03:57)
08.Menace Boy (04:27)
09.Real Motherfuckers (03:52)
10.Trying to Maintain Feat. Malow Mac (04:02)
11.Reality (03:32)
12.Lomero Roll Call Feat. Boy, Slugs and Knuckles (04:17)
13.Touch N Feel Feat. Ms Lady Pinks (03:48)
14.Keep it Real (04:26)
15.Kill for Thrills Feat. Ms Lady Pinks (03:41)
16.Interview Skit (04:19)

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