domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Omar Cruz - 2007 BC (Before Cruz) - 2007


 Sign of The Cruz
 How Far Are You Willing To Go
Vatos Locos Feat. Jay-Z
Rock Steady Freestyle
Pass The Wire Freestyle
 Gun Talk
Armed Robbers Feat. Big Pun
Omar Cruz Supporters Speak
The Takeover
 I'm A Ryda Freestyle
 We Rydaz Remix
Cops Gangbang
 234 Shots Freestyle
UnKnown Track
1-900 Hustler Freestyle
 You Are Not Me Freestyle
 Beer Amp Tequila
 When You See The God
 On My Own
 Just When Feat. The Game
 Lonely At The Top Freestyle
La Wolves
Mixtape Contest Winner RicaSShay
The Termination
 La Ultima Cancion

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