viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Mr. Knightowl -SouthSide Affiliates- (2009) Chicano Rap

Trax listin
1. 19 After 6 Shadow
2. Bitch You Know My Name Shadow (Featuring Dyablo)
3. Fucking With Ours Lil One (Featuring. G-lo)
4. Nasty Bitches Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Slush The Villian)
5. Big Rims Slow Pain (Featuring Sniper)
6. I Wanna Fuck Me Some Hoes Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Slush The Villian)
7. Waiting For You Lil One (Featuring G-lo)
8. C’mon Let’s Fuck Slush The Villian
9. We Ain’t Right Lil One (Featuring G-lo)
10 .there He Goes Malos Sneeks (Featuring Lil One)
11. More Bounce Seldom Seen (Featuring Mr. Shadow)
12.. What You Know About Me Mr. Knightowl (Featuring Seldom Seen, Hurricane Tazz)
13. We Ride 5th Sun


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